Sunday, December 11, 2016

Little Fox, Archaeologist

Good Morning,
It is I, Little Fox Archaeologist, waiting in the shadows of the Wicker District.  The operative sent me a message telling me to be here in the early morning.
I have my whip handy and some cookies to take along on my adventure.  I don't have a passport so hopefully this adventure keeps me in the US.  

...Off to find the jewels...

Apparently, I am going to a very dangerous region and according to the operative I am on my own.
Could those be the jewels?  Wow, that was easy. 

Yes, the jewels!
Now, how am I going to get them back to the Wicker District?  I need someone who operates on the fringe of society, someone who is not afraid to make deals and someone who works cheap and can keep quiet.
 Out of the corner of my eye came the operative.

Operative: Yes, Little Fox I can sell these for you.  We will both be quite rich.
Little Fox: Perhaps I should donate them to the museum?
Operative: Little Fox, I know what the museum really wants, it's the Golden Chicken not these jewels.