Thursday, May 25, 2017

A, R and R (Day 1)

The museum was very impressed with my findings regarding the old wagon road that they gave me a trip North.  No, there will be no archaeology for me, just A, R & R (adventuring, rest and relaxation).

Before any adventuring begins one needs to refuel.  This coffee was just what I needed to help wake me up.

Our first stop was Jerry and Ben's garden (I wish) but actually a Botanical Garden. A lot of the plants were in bloom. 
Hanging out in a grove of Rhododendron's 
This place would be a great spot for a picnic.  Speaking of food, it's off to my next location. 
My next stop was the McMenamins Anderson School.  It's an old school that is turned into a hotel, bar, and restaurant.

This hallway is cool with all the  light fixtures. 
Being that it's a former school there is a bar called the Principal's office.  I was summoned there by my roommates, I hope I am not in trouble...

Whew, I'm safe.  In fact they had a nice beverage waiting for me.  Must be time to do another evaluation. 
All this adventuring is making me hungry.  Let's see if I can find anything to eat around here.

Yep, this will do.


  1. A nice day out! Looks like a delicious BBQ in store for you Little Fox!

  2. That's the nicest visit to the Principal's Office that I've ever heard of.

  3. You should get in more trouble next time so you can be sent to the Principal's Office again...