Monday, May 29, 2017

A, R and R (Day 2)

Ahhh, another great nights rest for little fox.  Looks like I am out of coffee - must be time to leave for another adventure.  Today, I am going to the Seattle Waterfront.
The weather was perfect. My roommates hinted that there might be a boat trip in my future.  Not on this boat they say. 
I got lost in some public art.  Beanie would love this. 

Looks like a ferry is coming in and this small boat is a police boat. 

Those mountains in the background are the Olympic Mountains - the range is in the US but beary close to Canada.  Hi Sandy!
I wonder if that sailboat has any fresh salmon on board? 
Huh, who knew German bread came from Canada? 
I had to leave the Seattle Waterfront for the Edmonds Waterfront.  Same body of water, 20 miles north.  My roommates took me to the ferry terminal as we waited for the ferry I read up on Seal Pups. I need a sign at my place that says "Don't Disturb Resting Foxes"
Allright!  I made it on the ferry.  Let's see if the captain will let me drive. 
Nope, not going to happen.  Perhaps if I had a captains uniform and a captains hat I could pilot the vessel?
What a great day to be on the seas. 
I look good against the blue sky don't I?
Coming into Kingston, Washington.  Looks amazing. 
A well needed break.  Don't you think I should have a nice little cup of hot chocolate to wash down the ice cream.  
On the way back we traveled on a different ferry.  Nope, they didn't need an untrained fox piloting this vessel, however I did leave my business card with the captain just in case they needed to get in touch with me. 
Walla Walla means many waters.  That seems like an appropriate name for this ferry.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!


  1. Happy Memorial Day to you too! Hope it was a good holiday.

    1. Thanks Droopy. Glad to see you are still in control of the commenting on the blog. Has Baron not figured out the commenting part yet?

    2. Oh my gosh, I watched that transmission! I can't believe he hijacked canine communications everywhere! Those poor dog biscuits...I hope somebody does something soon.

  2. What a fun boat ride!

    We found this: how to make Little Fox bookmarks!!! We thought you might like it.

    1. Thanks, I will have to practice and perhaps post about the bookmarks in the future.

  3. Hi L. Fox!! Seattle is pretty close to Canada (relatively speaking). I did have to look up the German bread from Canada... maybe it's from Andy's German Bakery (in Vancouver). I'm sending Auntie to check it out... Gramma is always looking for good German bread and this might entice her to visit Vancouver sooner rather than later.
    Speaking of which... are you going to make it to Vancouver this summer??

  4. German bread from Canada. I have to think about that one for a moment.