Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A trip to the ranch

Hello Blog Pals ~
It's been a busy day for me, Little Fox.  My roommates told me we were going to an old ranch that is now a state park.  I don't know much about ranches except that they always have a cook who makes big meals for all the ranch workers. I am hoping there is a chuck-wagon meal waiting for me at the ranch.

Let's Go!

The wildflowers are out today.  This tree smells great!
This balsamroot doesn't smell but I love the color. Now do you think they have one in Orange?
Taking a rest, more balsamroot.
The yellow really brings out my pawsitive personality doesn't it? 
Now, if you remember I was told I was going to a ranch and I was expecting a chuck wagon dinner cooked by a ranch hand.  All I see are wildflowers, where is the ranch?

Barbed wire, fence posts I must be getting close. 

A nice little boquet of balsamroot and blue lupine. 
Another barb wire fence, I must be getting closer. 
Do you see it?  The ranch (oh yes and Mt. Hood).  I am so hungry. 
I hope they have a ranch chicken dish cooked in a cast iron oven served with a big salad and corn bread muffins.  

Sequoia is staring off toward the ranch - I bet he is hungry too. 
---Lunch time---
My roommates told me it was lunch time and we were at the ranch.  I didn't smell ranch chicken, I didn't smell any fresh cornbread. Hmm, this could be interesting.

Well it wasn't what I was hoping for but we have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some chips,  a cliff bar and some cheese.  Not a bad lunch.


  1. Better than nothing, I suppose. Love the sunflower pic.

  2. Mt. Hood looks beautiful! Jerry is beary interested in the flowers...and the snacks and lunch. We think you need some accessories: a cowboy hat, vest, and leather chaps...

  3. Hmmm... doesn't quite compare with the chicken dish you were expecting. I could almost smell it! You look beary fetching with flowers... particularly yellow ones!

  4. Great hike as usual! When does your hiking guide come out in print?