Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Little Fox: Archeologist in search of the Oregon Trail.

I received an urgent message from the museum begging me to do some research to try and find remnants of the Oregon Trail.  Being an adventurous fox I was ready for the challenge.  I started my adventure at a state park on the Deschutes River near the Columbia River.  What a nice day for a trip.

I had to do some hiking before I was out of the populated area of the park to the area where I thought I could find some artifacts.  Too hot for my archeologist hat, whip, and satchel.
The USGS monitors the level of the Deschutes River and they have one of these thingy's.  Too bad, it's behind a fence so I won't be able to access it anytime soon.
I started getting away from the river and higher up in the country.   Possible Oregon Trail remnants ahead.  If I find anything the museum is going to be very happy with me and probably extend my archeology contract another year.
The flowers are out in full swing.  I am look smashing next to this Lupine don't I?
Acres of Balsamroot were out too.  Although,  I am a little late in the season for the full bloom of Balsamroot it's still showing well today. 
Back to the job at hand.  I am hoping to find some ruts from wagons coming this way on the Oregon Trail.  Looks like Sequoia found something.  Let's see. 
Ah, leave it to a dog to find a comfy place for a fellow canine to rest. 
I better follow the middle trail - seems like a good idea doesn't it?

Trains!  Jerry and Ben this post if for you. Trains and I believe the word Deschutes is from the French Trappers from years ago. 
Looks like Sequoia found something.
It's an old trail, not the Oregon Trail but apparently this area was a stagecoach route during the 1860s (after the Oregon Trail craze).  Not what I was hoping for but probably enough to keep me on as resident canine archeologist at the museum.  


  1. Ben says "Des chutes" are waterfalls.

    Jerry wants to know what kinds of things are in the Oregon Trail Mix...Ben thinks he misunderstood the post.

    1. Oregon Trail Mix? Brilliant! If I made some trail mix would Jerry taste test it for me?

  2. Stagecoach...that was a really old movie. Oregon Trail Mix sounds good...I'll take some if you find some.

    1. I might have to hit the bulk bins at the grocery store and come up with my own proprietary trail mix blend. I will send some your way.

  3. Cool... I'm sure the museum will extend your contract. You have such a cute assistant!!

  4. What dog snacks does Sequoia like to eat when hiking?