Sunday, July 9, 2017

Exploring the ranch.

I woke up this morning well rested and ready for an adventure.  My roommates took me out to an old ranch, the Flying M Ranch to be precise.   The Flying M, as the name might imply, is an airport but it might be a tad overgrown but that is for this fox to find out.

First of all they had all sorts of old equipment from the early ranching days.

This ranch building is the stable.  
There are some horses and a couple of barn cats in the stable.  No sign of the airport.  Back in the day my roommate remembers visiting the ranch and the airport was hopping.
The ranch is now more of a wedding venue. I look good on this chandelier don't I?
A river runs through it, but no airport.
Could this be it? 
Yep, I think this is the old runway.  Does Canadian Goose airlines fly in here?
Mission accomplished, *cue Mission Impossible Music*
Now that I have completed my mission and found the old airport - it's time to see about lunch.  
This sandwich should tie me over till dinner. 


  1. Wow LF, you seem very comfortable with heights! Swinging from the chandeliers eh?

    1. I am very comfortable with heights. Now, small thank you.

  2. The horse sure looks nice. Did you do a trail ride?

    1. Sadly no, some of my human friends did but not me.

  3. Congrats on tracking down the airfield! Was it ever used by the military? Did you dig any archaeological pits to look for artifacts?