Monday, July 17, 2017

Mail call and welcome our guest blogger.

I got a pawesome card in the mail from Ajdin recently.  Looks like he took a trip to Utahs' national parks.  I wish that was a stuffy tour, I would have loved to have gone along.   Ajdin said it was really hot in Utah. I am glad Ajdin got a chance to get out and explore. 
Ajdin's card got me motivated to travel. I broke out my National Parks book and saw this cool park in Puerto Rico. I wonder if J and B went there on their last travels?

Drunk Fox is taking over the blog for  couple of weeks while I take a much needed vacation.   What will he blog about? Well, that's a good question. Stay tuned readers.


  1. We visited the cool fort but not the rain forest...the seKretaries were spending too much time at the beach, but we hope to visit it next time.

  2. Drunk Fox here: The fort looks really cool. Good idea to have some places to visit next time, that way you can convince seKrebearies to go back.

  3. OK... now I'm curious... where are you going LF??

  4. Have a good time finding yourself LF