Saturday, July 1, 2017

Little Fox....earning his keep

Uh, Hello Blog Pals, I didn't see you.  It's me, Little Fox just hanging around the kitchen area hoping my roommates will throw some chicken into the old crock pot tonight.
My roommates indicated that if I wanted chicken then I had to help out with
a few projects around the house.

These holes need to be patched up and what happened to the blinds?  Uh, humans.
This looks like it should be replaced.
My trusty screwdriver came in handy here.
 Need to get the paint out.  A minor touch up is needed.  I better supervise this one as paint and fur DO NOT go well together.
I think I need a break.  This might be a good place to supervise the rest of the work. 
....Hours later a little fox wakes up from his nap...

**Sign** It looks like my roommates have started a project while I was sleeping.  Ugh, the prep work, if you can call it that, looks like a disaster.  I better step up and supervise.

Painting is the name of the game today.  The key to a successful paint job is preparation.  I better put a row of tape around this bathroom fan to keep paint off of it.
A good brush is crucial. 
Ahh, this looks good.    No mess, no splatter, a nice paint job. 
Now that the bathroom has been painted, thanks to L. Fox Supervisor it's time I sit back and relax with a nice cold beer. 


  1. Well done, Foreman Fox! Yes, without us stuffies, the humans would be in waaaaaay over their heads when it comes to home improvement.

  2. It's good to be a manager. Delegation of duties is key.

  3. Great supervision job. Do we get to see the final product? There are so many projects to do around the house...