Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone, I can't believe I have 50 posts. 

On another note, to celebrate the nice sunny day I decided to take the gang out for an adventure.
We are supposed to have sunny skies and 80 degrees this week (26.66C for my international friends).  I am off hiking today, Yipee!  

I met a new friend today, he is a black bear and he loves to hike as well.  Although his owners said that they sometimes forget him at home.  I couldn’t imagine such an abuse.
This park has lots of trails and it’s a free day because of Mother’s Day.  We are off to Hardy Ridge to see all the Plox, Bear Grass and other wildflowers.
I am practicing my camouflage routine.  Do you see me?
I think the pinkish flowers are Indian Paintbrush and I think the yellow berry looking flower is my state flower, Oregon Grape. 
 There are lots of orange flowers out today.  The guidebook says they might be wild onions, I am not beary sure I still think they are Indian Paintbrush.  My roommates aren't really sure either, thankfully our lively hood doesn't rely on us identifying wild flowers. 
Indian Paintbrush or wild onion?  You decide.

Now for my secret mission, claim more land for stuffies around the world.  This mountain doesn’t have a name, looks like stuffies are in possession of it now.  It still counts as claiming land if I didn't make it to the top of the mountain, right?

Black bear and I decided to claim more land.  It took us a while to get up the hill it was beary challenging but we made it (thanks to some help from our roommates).
Before we headed back down I figured I better take one last look before we head back down.  Mt. Hood and Mt. Adam’s were supposed to be out today but we only saw clouds instead.  I still see lots of hills (that need to be claimed by a certain Little Fox) and even a river to travel down.  I wonder what else my roommates have planned for today????? Ugh I just heard them talk about mowing the lawn when we get home.  I guess I better get my supervisors hat and a big glass of huckleberry lemonade to enjoy while I supervise the lawn mowing effort.  Someone has to make sure it’s done right.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful hike! You got to meet a new friend too! Such a lucky fox! Will Black Bear be staying with you for a while? We agree with you about seKretaries, stuffies sure do have to make sure that things get done right (ask Sandy all about it!).

    1. Hi Jerry and Ben,
      Sadly the little black bear had to go back with his parents. I hope he visits more often, maybe I can put a cookie order in with Chef Ben as a way to "encourage" black bear to come adventuring with me.

    2. That would be an excellent idea. Maybe you could have a sleep over weekend with hikes and movies and gardening! We'd love to read that adventure!

  2. Great hike Little Fox - and you met a new friend too! I think the orangey flower is definitely Indian Paintbrush - the leaves look right. Have you tried making jelly out of the Oregon Grape - it's supposed to be beary good.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      I too thought it was Indian Paintbrush. Jelly out of Oregon Grape, I will have to get my roommates working on that project ASAP.

  3. Beary glad to see you making excellent use of the LF flag. Way to go. Those are some beautiful pictures.

  4. Thanks the flag is really coming in handy. I feel like an explorer and claiming land for Stuffies around the world.