Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Road Trip Part two....

Hello Blog Pals, glad to see you checked back in.  As you can see we are still driving.  I see a billboard ahead maybe that is for the town we are staying at.

Yes!  We made it.  My roommates made me stay in the car while they checked into the motel.  For some reason motel clerks don't like to see foxes bringing in a cooler of food and a suitcase.  Makes them a little suspicious, I have accepted that and learned to wait patiently in the car.

All checked in.  Let's explore.  What more driving, where are they taking me?
We better drive carefully down this dirt road - don't want to scare any animals (including this one).

Aha I see, we are going hiking today.  That's a beary big hill for a little fox to climb.  I better stock up on chicken jerky and huckleberry lemonade for stength.  It's a long way up.

There seem to be lots of wildflowers on this trail. 


Hmm, I don't recognize this one.  Could it be a new flower?  It looks like a different color lupine, kind of yellow.  I haven't seen this one before, I think I better name it.  I wish I had my flag wtih me to claim the flower for stuffies.  Oh well, I will have to settle naming it Lupinus Stuffinus. My roommates spoiled my fun and told me it's something called Yellow or Golden  Lupine. 
Made it to the top, finally.  I better rest in this tree and enjoy the view.  I think I might have some altitude sickness. 
We made one more stop before going back to the motel.  My roommates gave me $5.00 and wished me luck.  I need to find a slot machine that has an animal logo on it to see if I win anything.  As you probably figured out I didn't win big - hence why I am waiting for my roommates on this chair outside of the casino.


  1. Little Fox, what a beary exciting road trip adventure! Those flowers look great, and I especially like the picture of you looking over the mountain. I think you need to try the blackjack table - try asking your roommates for another $5.

    That's a great photo of you and your bear friend at the top of your blog too, by the way.

  2. Beautiful photos, the landscape is amazing!

  3. It looks like all that car riding was worth it - what an amazing view from the top! I haven't seen yellow lupines before... did your roommates get a plant book yet??


  4. @Ajdin - yes another $5.00 would be great. I promise I can at least triple it at the blackjack table. DO you or Uncle Tibbs have any other suggestions on games to play?

    @Jerry and Ben - thanks for the compliment on the pictures. Personally, I think I need MORE pictures of me and less of the scenery. My SeKrebearies disagree (hmph....typical)

    @ Sandy - No wildflower book yet. The Golden Lupine was pretty neat - even if I didn't discover that plant it was still a treat to see something new.