Friday, May 30, 2014

Road trip....part three

What better to do after a long day of adventuring?  How about a hike!  This old bridge looks fun, I should explore it a little bit more.  Not too much around the bridge let’s go on a nice relaxing drive to Wine Country?   
Hey, why aren’t I in this picture?

I better be more aggressive in my photos and make sure my roommates know I belong in most, if not all pictures.  Yes, this is better.

We went into a few stores and I saw this box with a fox on it.  Something is written in French but I can’t translate?  Maybe Ben or Sandy can help?  I love that box. 

I wish this was the hotel we stayed at….no such luck.  Our lodging was do I say this....."modest" but my roommates say money saved on a hotel allows for more adventuring in the future.  Seems to be a good saying to live by. 


  1. A hike AND wine country - you sure are a lucky fox. As for the picture of the fox... It probably says something like The "bird" (Ben will know what type of bird) and the fox. Rennard is French for fox... which reminds me, have you come up with a name yet??

  2. No name's something we talk about but never gets settled. The bird and the fox, interesting, beary interesting since that picture was of a matchbook.

  3. Ah... names sometimes take a while to percolate to the surface. I wonder where Jerry and Ben are... Ben could tell you what sort of bird that is because the word corbeau is not "bird" which is oiseau (or something). Maybe it means crow or raven or big black bird?

  4. It is the Crown and the Fox, the fable by La Fontaine.

    There is very probably an English version too on youtube.

    Beautiful photos!

    1. Thanks for the help on translating. Any reason why they would put the fairy tale on a matchbox? Maybe it's just a mystery for the ages...

    2. It might be for the French speaking market in Canada?

    3. Beary interesting. I will have to do some research, maybe convince my roommates to take a trip to Canada to investigate.

      I read the fable online seems that the fox in it was very tricky.

      Thanks for your help decoding.