Sunday, May 18, 2014

Search for the elusive California Poppy, part two....

This weekend presents another chapter in my wildflower adventures.  I am still looking for the elusive California Poppy.  In the Pacific Northwest the California Poppy is an invasive wildflower so you would think it would be easy for me to find them but the conditions need to be good to see them (i.e. Sunny weather).  I started my adventure at the Cherry Orchard Trail (as you can see from this sign).  
I started up the trail with a water bottle full of hucklebeary lemonade and decided to stop at this first plant.  I think it’s a Lupine.  Huh, this isn’t good it looks like it’s bearly alive, I wonder if I am too late to see the flowers?
The sun is definitely out and I like these old Oak Trees for shade.
Time for a little rest along the trail, this is beary confusing to me…why would someone put a gate all the way up here? A few years ago I saw a wild turkey running around, maybe the gate is to keep him out (or in)?

The higher I went the better the flowers became.  I am not sure what this little purple flower is but I haven’t seen it before.  Actually as I increase elevation the Lupine seem stronger and more abundant.  Still no poppies.

Just hanging around.

As I headed down a big train was stopped at the trailhead.  I wanted someone to ask the engineer if they gave free rides to Little Foxes but my SeKrebearies didn’t make any effort.  I mean the train is the same color as I am, that should be worth a free ride AND it was going in the direction of 
my home. 
Do you offer free rides to foxes?
What’s this?  Can it be true?  I think I see some California Poppies, yes there they are.  I can’t believe it they were in the parking lot at the trail head!  I guess they needed the sun to be out to open them up.  I wonder what this blue flower is next to them?  I think I better drop some more hints about a wild flower identification book to my SeKrebeary.  

This is a professional's picture of the poppies.  They are a good looking flower/  


  1. Wow - you found some!! Our lupines are just starting up here and I've seen some poppies too. Guess we've had more sunny weather than down there. That purple flower is a mystery to me as well. A flower/plant book is indispensable!!

    1. Beary true about the book. I also suggested to my roommates to hire a botanist to go hiking with us for flower identification.

      I wish that last picture were the poppies I saw, sadly the 2nd to last picture was my expeirence with the poppies....but that's ok, I am beary happy they are blooming.

  2. Those are beautiful flowers! And we love trains! We have some big orange poppies in our backyard, but they will not be in flower for quite some time yet.

    1. Maybe I can catch an Eastbound train and take it to your house? We can visit a starbucks, get hot chocolate, and examine your backyard poppies.

    2. I could catch a train out east too! There are big red poppies blooming in neighbour yards but we don't have any planted (phooie!)

    3. Oh that would be very fun. Maybe we need a stuffie convention (Jerry would like it near a honey festival, but Ben says near a beach).

    4. I am sure we can a honey festival near the beach. That should be a piece of cake.