Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cleaning up the garden...

It was a quiet Saturday morning.  I was looking at my calendar from last year thinking about all the neat adventures I have had and all the friends I have made.  I decided to seek out my roommates and found them lounging around the sofa.  I asked them what adventure we had planned for today; my response was “Taking down the garden.”

I think I better act as a supervisor on this project.  As you can see our tomatoes plants have been harvested and cut down. The other raised bed has been taken down too.  No more basil.  No more onions. No more peppers.   

Because I am a fox, the environment is important to me.  I instructed my roommates to take the clippings to the compost area at the back of the yard.  If you look closely you can see some rose clippings as well.  I hear roses can grow from the cuttings, I wonder what will happen next year?
After I instructed my roommates to take salvageable vegetables inside I decided to have a look.  The basil looks plentiful, who wants pesto?  The tomatoes look good, I see a few peppers in there as well.  A pear also sneaked in the bowl (not from our garden but the grocery store). 

Not a bad haul this year.  How did everyone else’s garden do?


  1. Nice haul from the garden! You could make pesto or bruschetta or salsa! We took rose cuttings last fall and just stuck them in one of the flower beds and... about half of them rooted!! We could have dipped them into Stim-root and more might have survived. You could ask your roommates to do an experiment.

  2. I like the idea of an experiment, we have 5 rose bushes and they grow so fast.

    Yes, making Pesto is on my "to-do" list today and I am hoping I can convince my roommates to make a pizza with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil for dinner soon.

  3. Thank for the Halloween entry: we'll post it with the others!

    Our garden did very well this year. A ton of zooKeyKnee, lots of toeMaytoes, and we harvests a lot of herbs to dry so that Ben can use in his cooking over the winter. The Pizza sounds like a great idea....Jerry was beary much in favor of it!

  4. Oh, do you have Target stores where you live? They have an outdoor Christmas lighted figure: a fox with a scarf and hat, it's beary cute. We can take a photo if you like.

  5. Oh yes, we do have target by us. I will need to make a special trip to visit. Thanks for the tip.

  6. What a nice calendar you have Little Fox. Will you also star in the one for 2015?

    And also a nice haul of veggies!