Friday, October 10, 2014

A good day to do some crafts

I was lounging around the back yard today enjoying the sun. 

After soaking up the sun for a while I decided I should work on some of my crafts I have been neglecting.  Here is this beary cool post card I got at Yellowstone.  I went up Mt. Washburn last Summer but didn’t see any bears.  Do you see the two bear cubs holding up the sign?

These stamps are from various visitors centers in Idaho and Wyoming.  I have a passport from the National Parks that I collect my stamps in.  Parcs Canada  does not t have a stamp program, at least I did not see any in Canada, maybe they hide them when they see animals from the United States?  Now that I think about it I doubt that the Canadians were hoarding their stamps because all the Canadians I met were beary nice. 

Now that I organized my Yellowstone souvenirs I thought I would work on my wine cork trivet.  I have lots of corks and I have been working beary hard at collecting the corks over the last couple of years.
I got the trivet set up and ready to be glued when  I heard the doorbell ring.  The mail man dropped off a package from Ajdin.  I immediately opened it up and saw this neat puzzle for me to put together, I wonder what the picture is?  I tried to put it together but I need help. 
Little Bear stopped by and offered to help.  He just got back from starbucks and was happy to help.
After a few minutes of us working together we accomplished and made the puzzle. 

The picture was from Moraine Lake up in Canada. 

Thanks Ajdin!  You rock too!


  1. This is very nice! My person and I love to do crafts and I'm glad you do too!

    1. Hi Julie and Elsie,
      We enjoy crafts too. Have you seen Jerry and Ben's blog, they have a Halloween contest coming up soon. Are you going to enter a costume???