Saturday, October 11, 2014

Passport Adventures Part Two

Today was a nice fall day there wasn't too much rain and the sun was out.  My roommates decided to drive out to the country to the Hotel Oregon.  We have been working on our Mcmenamin's pawsport, once we get all the stamps we win neat prizes.  

The Hotel Oregon is an old hotel from 1902.  It fell into disrepair many years ago but McMenamins bought it about 15 years ago and remodeled it.

The entrance has this nice sitting room.  I love this couch.

This long table is perfect for me to host a party for my stuffie friends and I.

We started off on a scavenger hunt looking for a piece of art where there was more than wine on the mind.  Hmm this seems like a challenge for Beanie.

Is this it?  No, this squirrel wearing a nut as a hard hat.

Is this it?  No, this is a skyline view of the Hotel Oregon.
Here I am relaxing at a table on the rooftop bar.  Oh no!  It's starting to rain.
Back to the scavenger hunt.  Is this it?  No, this is the name of the old coffee shop from years ago.  I do admit I like the bear.  I wonder if he is drinking coffee or hot chocolate?

Ahhh, here we go.  I think I found it.  Looks like this guy has more than wine on the mind.  Hey, why am I out of this picture?
Now that I have found my art work I think I am going to relax with a  few sips of my roommates beer.  Last time I had beer I got awfully “tired” and had a hard time sitting up straight. 

Apparently, little foxes don’t have the tolerance for beer that humans do.  I think I will just take a little nap until my roommates are ready to go out again and explore. 


  1. That was quite the adventure! I hope you win a big prize with all your passport stamps. Perhaps you should drink a little bit less beer next time. I think that glass, which is just about as big as you, is a tad too much beer for a little fox. I hope you're not trying to keep up with the humans... It does look like delicious beer though!

  2. Yes we get many prizes with our pawsport. Technically my roommates shared their beer with me but a little beer can put out a little fox. I don't think I would be able to handle my own full size beer.