Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guess where

Hello Gang,
Can anyone take a guess on where this swell video of yours truly was taken?

Hint #1: Their city has some sort of large needle in the sky or err space.

Hint #2: Their football team did well last year, they played in some sort of "super bowl"

Hint #3:  Starbucks was founded in this city.

Any guesses?


  1. I know, I know!!! That is soooo close to Vancouver!

    1. I know, I keep telling my roommates that when we visit we need to arrange a meeting in Vancouver or somewhere in the middle. My sekrebeary used to live in Vancouver WA (the other Vancouver), it is not nearly as cool as the Vancouver in BC.

    2. That would be a good idea! I keep telling Mama there is a ferry from Victoria to Seattle... And that every little bear needs to do at least one trip to Pike Place Starbucks to partake of the original Best Hot Chocolate in the Whole World... but... no... we are going to London instead!

    3. London, ahh you are so lucky. Maybe we can meet in Seattle next time were up there.

      Of course, I have never been on a ferry myself, maybe I take the ferry up to Victoria, I heard it's only a couple of hours from Seattle.....hmmm

  2. Great video - you are becoming a movie superstar Little Fox!