Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Film Festival Reults

Thanks for the great submissions!  My team purchased this large tin of  popcorn to enjoy while watching the movies.  You can see we are beary interested in the popcorn (except for Kermit who is being over dramatic, as usual).

Let's see we have cheese corn, caramel corn, and some other type of cheesy corn....but you are probably not interested in the popcorn (except for Jerry perhaps) so let's get to the results.

Drumroll please.......

First place in the International Nature Category goes to Alexander Mckenzie Bear for his movie The Great Snowdrop Hunt.  Sandy also earned an honorable mention for his effective use of classical music and incorporating a Canadian institution, Tim Horton's, into the movie.  Great job Sandy.

Sandy's Movie

First place in the Adventure Category goes to Droopy W. Dogg for Crocodile Doggee.  Droopy earned an honorable mention for effective use of camouflage, kitchen utensils, and introducing the world to Al the Gator.

Droopy's Movie

First place in the Honey Related film category goes to Ajdin.  Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, and Ooogie earned an honorable mention in the selective category of acronym use:  H.I.V.E.  Honey Is Vital for Existence.

Ajdin's Video

Thanks again for participating and keep an eye out for some prizes coming soon.


  1. All wonderful movies! Our seKretary had the flu, so we didn't get ours finished in time. Next year!

  2. Silly flu. The good news is that you have a head start on next years.

  3. Excellent entries!! Congratulations to all the videographers. Thanks Little Fox for hosting the festival.

  4. I loved watching everyone else's videos--so good! Thanks Little Fox!

  5. great films everyone~ thanks for hosting Little Fox!

  6. This was so fun! Person let me watch all of them while we had our breakfast this morning! Good job on your movies everyone! I'll start bothering Person now because I want to enter a film next year!!!