Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Weather?

Hello Blog Pals,
Hope everything is going well.  I am so excited to enter Julie Jane Zebra and Elsie Elaine's Photo Contest that I wanted to go out today and take some good winter photos.  I hope all of my blog pals can enter although I think Jerry and Ben have a distinct advantage because of all the snow in their state.

Anyway, I wanted to wear my new scarf on today's adventure.  My roommates said it will be too hot on our hike today (59 degrees and sunny) so I will just model it in the house.

Being an optimist I think I am going to try and find some good pictures for Julie Jane and Elsie Elaine's contest anyway.  We are off to the coast.

The weather looks really nice today, the trail is not too muddy today so that is beary good for Sequoia and I.
Sequoia decides to pose for this picture.  
The hike takes us on a cape overlooking the Pacific.  I wonder if I will see any salmon or whales today?
Along trail I saw this interesting tree.  
Ah, I made it to the end of the trail and the start of lunch.

I didn't get the winter photos today to enter into the contest but the contest isn't over for about a month so I have some time.  

 I hope all my stuffy friends enter the photo contest. 

Thanks Julie Jane and Elsie Elaine for hosting the contest.


  1. Sequoia looks to be making good progress with his poses. He has the best to learn from

    1. Ajdin you are so pawsitive. I have to take about 10 pictures to get one where he faces the camera.

  2. A beautiful and relaxing hike, even if it wasn't snow-covered.

    1. I am lucky, although I hear you might be in for some snow this week. Stay warm and stock up on the Hot Chocolate.

  3. Hmmm... I think you and I are going to have the same problem. Although... last year we did get snow in mid February so, it could still happen. I will keep my paws crossed! Or I get Mama to invest in a snow-making machine!

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful hike! Thank you for sharing about my contest! I can't wait to see what photos you enter. Snow is not required for winter fun.