Saturday, January 31, 2015

Winter picture attempts #2 aka Hike around the lake.

It's Saturday and I figured we could go out today to find some Winter pictures of me for Julie Jane's contest.  I was hoping for snow but since the high is supposed to be 52F today I doubt there will be much snow.
We (Sequoia, my roommates, and I) went to a county park today to explore.  The park boasts 9 miles of trails, I hope we can do them all.  This is the stream that runs around and throughout the park.
This is lower falls (beary creative in the naming department eh?) but it's still beary scenic.  My new scarf looks beary dashing on me, there was also a bear and a rat with me on the hike.  The bear has a cool scarf that says "Oregon" on it and I realized I need my roommates to invest in an embroidery machine to embroider something on my scarf.  I am sure they will get right on that...
 I made it to the lake house, I hope they have hot chocolate at the restaurant behind me.  What?  My roommates said it's not a restaurant, just a place to rent out and have parties, that's Ok with me I am a social fox and  I am always a hit at parties.

PS - Happy Bearday Ben!


  1. What is "winter" anyhow?? Snow... schmo! ...

    sigh... who am I kidding... winter is all about snow! Even an ice rink would do in a pinch...

  2. Hm, it doesn't seem much like winter where you live. We think 5-6 feet of snow would make it look more like winter. hehe

  3. 9 miles... wow that is a beary long distance for a stuffie. Did Sequioa give you a ride?

  4. I do like your scarf. Doggone chic!

  5. You always go on such fun hikes! Maybe your roommates would take me along one day? Person has been too busy for hiking lately.

    1. Too busy for hiking??? Aghast, I can't imagine that, although I imagine things are busy at the studio.