Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A much needed break

My Sekrebearies finally did something right.  It was one of my Sekrebearies birthdays a few weeks ago and I got invited on the birthday trip this weekend!  Where are we going?  Paris, Rome, Sydney?  Hmm, when I found it was the coast I was somewhat disappointed but I am not one to pass up a trip.

In my typical roommates fashion the trips location was a surprise.  We started off heading west to the beach and first stopped at a place called "Bear Creek Artichokes".  We didn't see any bears but sampled lots of good dips and other homemade items.
Next, it was off to Pacific City for lunch.  There was this big hill that I encouraged my roommates to hike it while I traveled comfortably in their backpack.

At the top of the dunes someone put a fence up to make sure no one got on the loose side of the sand dunes.  I think we were the only people on the proper side of the fence.  The waves were in full force, crashing against the dunes.  It was beary cool.

I decided to practice my movie making skills.  "Quiet on the set, ACTION!"

Day two we headed south to Depoe Bay, self proclaimed Whale Watching Capital of the Pacific.  Apparently, the orca's swim by Depoe Bay to their Winter home in Hawaii.  We stopped at the whale watching center where they had all sorts of telescopes to view the whales....all I saw was a kayaker.

City of Depoe Bay
I decided to have my roommates take an artsy picture of me with this bridge.  In the background is Depoe Bay, the smallest navigable harbor in the world (again, another self proclaimed title).

Despite all the self proclaimed titles I found the wildlife very accommodating for photos.  This seagull stayed still for my photo with him.  In fact, a woman was so intrigued to see a stuffy getting a picture taken that she said she was going to buy a bear in one of the gift shops to start taking pictures with as well.  I feel good that I have converted another human, I hope she finds our blogs.

Sequoia stayed at home with a pet sitter and I was a little afraid that he would forget who I was after being gone for three days but I was welcomed home by a dog who was happy to see me (at least that's what I inferred from his tongue sticking out).


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  2. Yay, another convert to blogging! You're a terrific spokesfox for our cause.

    I hope Sequoia chewed a nice minty bone (like I do every day) before he approached you too closely!

  3. That's a fun trip Little Fox. You are a movie star in the making. We can't wait to enter your movie contest!

  4. Did you get slobbered when you got home?!! Looks like a fun trip!

  5. That place looks beautiful! I'm not a big fan of artichokes but Mama says I just need to find the right dip for them... maybe.