Thursday, April 2, 2015

Off to Mexico I go…

Of course like any modern stuffy, I am a jet setter.  See I got my own window seat.  Now where is that flight attendant with my salmon pate?
Attention all stuffies, fasten your seat belt for takeoff.
We landed and breezed through customs and off to our lodging.  After a long day of traveling I decided to take a quick rest.  My roommates are tapping their feet and crossing their arms apparently they want to rest too….typical humans.
After a short rest we decided to go exploring.  The flowers are so nice and they are all blooming, hmm which one should I use for Sandy’s contest?  I wonder if Jerry can help me identify these flowers?

Day 2…

Ahh a full nights rest.  

This fox is ready to go.  We are off to a smaller beach town, Busceria’s.  This is a hot spot for Canadian tourists (not the geese that visit us in Fall but human tourists).  They have a Sunday flea market, a long section of beach, and lots of stores.

After a morning of exploring we decided to get some lunch.  We stopped at a little restaurant that had a chicken special (my favorite food).  The chicken special was 100 pesos (about $6.66 US dollars).  I got some rice, some sauce, a fruity drink and half of a chicken.  I didn't care about the rice but I sure liked the chicken.

Day 3….

Off to explore a small beach town called Yelapa. We had to wait a while at the marina and I saw this lucky dog with his own boat.

When we got to Yelapa we hiked along a short path and saw a cool waterfall.  We got back into the boat and headed across the bay to a beach for lunch.  So many restaurants to choose from and we found a good one right on the beach.
Hey, what happened?  Why am I not in this picture?

I sat back and enjoyed some of my roommates beer. 

Does anyone have a straw?

Maybe a bit too much beer. 

Day 4…

Just a relaxing day for me.  I saw this beary interesting coffee shop and guess what?  My roommates took me in, apparently they are thinking of taking a picture of me in front of this coffee shop on every trip we take.  That seems like a beary good idea to me.  Now I just have to get them to take more trips.  
Don’t worry they have all the goodies that our normal Starbucks offers but they also have cheesecake, that’s right, cheesecake. 

I came across this interesting sign; crocodiles don’t eat foxes right?  Right?

I guess I should take a rest on the beach.  Maybe sit down and catch up with my blog pals or read a book.  Does anyone have a copy of Fox in Socks I could borrow?

This looks comfy.


  1. Great trip! We enjoy traveling with you!

  2. Thanks Hammie, I like your adventures too

  3. Thanks Hammie, I like your adventures too

  4. Oh yay! You got to go! How exciting. Looks like you had an amazing trip!

  5. Wonderful photos! We are so jealous! And that Starbucks has cheesecake!?!?! We are even more jealous! Enjoy your stay!

    1. Thanks, we never tried the starbucks cheesecake....sigh.

  6. Very jealous!! Are you on Riviera Nayarit?? We went there last year - beary nice!! I think if you're going to have your picture taken in front of every Starbucks you visit, you should at least get a hot chocolate in payment - being a model is hard work you know!

    1. Yes we are somewhere on the Riveria Nayarit and on a tour we met a Canadian who happened to live in your home town!!!!!!

      I like that idea of being paid in Hot Chocolate, you know it is really the only fair way to compensate me.

    2. Really!!!! Cool! By the way - are those uneaten chocolate kisses on your blanket?? You must have been exhausted to leave those uneaten. As for the hot chocolate payment... maybe you could get your own Starbucks card and then secretly set it up for auto-reload on your roommates' credit cards??

  7. Looks like a great trip LF! Be careful with the beer intake...we already have one Drunk Fox. :)

  8. It's so hard to watch the beer intake, it's so cheap compared to my home state. I will have to watch myself, one drunk fox is me plenty.

  9. And all that beer might just go to your waist line too. Then you'd be a Drunk Chubby Fox...

  10. What a fun trip Little Fox! How did you manage to balance on top of the beer bottle? You seem to magically levitate on top of wine glasses also.

  11. I am a good balancer, maybe in a previous life I was an acrobat?