Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wildflower hike

After my day supervising my roommates and working on the garden I figured I deserved a hike today as reward.  We went out to the Columbia River and saw a ton of different flowers.  The sun was out and the temperature almost topped 80!

We started off at viewpoint along the river.  Apparently, the Indians in this area used to float their dead (on canoes) to islands.  Apparently, the islands were the final resting places and before the river was dammed there were many islands. If you look past me to the right you can see the island. 
Once we started on the trail the flowers showed themselves. The yellow sunflower looking flower is called Balsam Root.  It’s beary showy.

 The blue lupine was out as well.  Typically that is a later blooming flower in Oregon but this winter was so warm the timing on the flowers is off as well.
The Indian paintbrush is out today as well.  The picture does it no justice but it’s a light shade of Hammie Red.

There were lots of old stumps and logs to sit on and Sequoia even got into the pictures as well.

My plan was to have my roommates carry me to the top of the hill and claim the land for stuffy’s everywhere.  Of course to claim land one needs a flag.  Ajdin made me a cool flag last year and when I questioned my roommates about my flag and when I could claim this land for stuffy’s they just looked at me blankly.  Hmph, apparently they left the flag at home today!  This mistake is definitely going on their mid-year evaluation. 

To make up for leaving the flag at home my roommates stopped along the highway to let me look at some sculptures…’s a good start but they aren’t off the hook yet.  Hmm, maybe a stop at Starbucks for a nice iced drink might do the trick


  1. Such beautiful flowers! Our flowers have just started growing, so it will be a while. Say, if you have an Annual SeKretary Evaluation Form, please share it with your fellow stuffie pals...we really need to start doing an annual evaluation of our seKretary, it's a great idea!

    1. Yes, I will post the evaluation soon.

  2. Oooh, performance reviews! Very good idea. Looks like you are enjoying the weather. Stay safe out there.

  3. Beautiful pictures Little Fox! I like the idea of a sekrebeary evaluation form too... I have to say, that is quite the pose Sequoia has struck - he might even be show-dog material!

  4. Hammie red! Love it, Little Fox. We all know that color!!