Saturday, April 4, 2015

Adios Mexico

After a well needed rest the next day I got my roommates up and took them on a tour I booked to a small mountain town, San Sebastian de Oeste.  It’s about a 1.5 drive from Nuevo Vallarta but well worth it.  
Our first stop was at a large bridge and a little restaurant.  I got out of the van and decided to relax on this swing.
Is it OK to swing after eating tortillas?
Along the way we stopped at a Tequila distillery.  The tour we took stopped and after listening to a speech about how they make it I felt it would be rude of me not to try a sample.  It was beary good, especially the coffee flavored (you will notice I restrained myself to just a little tequila since I am still standing up).
Orange flavored tequila.
Coffee flavored tequila, look at Starbucks.
After the distillery we went to an old Hacienda that is now a museum (about Hacienda's).  It was beary interesting.  According to the guide the building was over 300 years old and it was in good shape for such an old building
Beary clean for over 300 years old.


They also had lots of old weights and measures to help miners measure out the silver when they brought it to the hacienda for payment.
 The grounds were pretty and inside the hacienda there was a relaxing courtyard where all the flowers  were blooming.

This looks old....
 I love these old towns.  It was a long drive but it was worth it to see the country and the old adobe buildings.

If I buy this house I wonder if it has enough room for all of my stuffy friends?
Off to church.

After another good nights sleep were off to do more adventuring.   Today we’re off to the city center. 
According to trip advisor it’s beary important to visit the flea market.  We did, it was fun but I don’t think I would qualify it as “beary important” to visit.
We walked around the neighborhoods and checked out the nice houses.  This one has a great view, should I call a real estate agent?
Ate lunch in the trip advisor highly rated flea market.  Lunch wasn’t too bad they served chicken noodle soup and pork to put on homemade tortillas.  I wasn’t sure what we were really getting, my roommates had a hard time translating Spanish to English to Fox. 
Chicken noodle soup.

Tray of food to make little tacos out of

Saw another Starbucks.  Can we stop, please???????????????
This bread looks interesting.  I hope we can try some I see these trucks and this bear all over the city.  It must be good. Note:  Tried it and it tasted just like wheat bread does in the United States. 
Do they have Salmon in these waters?  Do you think the captain will take me out for a tour?

Relaxed on the beach in front of someone’s boat and then relaxed more with my sombrero.  It’s amazing, with my sombrero people still pegged me as a tourist.  

I don't think I look like a tourist, do you think I do?

It's my final day and I realized I am on vacation so I should probably do some relaxing.  What do you think?
This chair looks comfy.

Do they allow foxes in the pool?

 It’s time to go. I am staring out the window at the airport, not ready to leave but understanding that I must.

 Adios, Zorrito.



  1. Cool! You had a great trip by the looks of it. And you definitely look like a native Mexican fox to me, especially with that sombrero. But... did someone really name that bear Bimbo??? Hmph!

    1. My roommates keep telling me that Bimbo might mean something different in Spanish than English. Either way the bread was pretty good.

    2. Hmmm... ***non-existent eyebrows skewed in a skeptical little bear look*** ... do you really think so?

  2. Oh, we really enjoyed traveling with you! Thank you for being such a great tourguide!

    1. Thanks guys, I always enjoy your travels as well.

  3. What a fun trip you had!!! I love going to flea markets, they're great fun!!!

    1. Yes the flea market was lots of fun. We saw lots of smashed pottery and bits and pieces of glass that we thought you could us in your art projects

  4. Wonderful photos! The Mexican sombrero looks great on you!

    1. Thanks, I am slowly building up my wardrobe.

  5. I really like the sombrero look on you Little Fox. Perhaps you should continue to wear it when you get home. Great trip!