Sunday, April 12, 2015

A fine festival

I wasn't sure anything was going to happen this weekend.  About 1:00pm this Saturday I was summoned by my roommates to the car.  Where could we be going?  Hiking?  The Park?  Starbucks?  No, we went to the Tulip Festival!!!!!

Rows and rows of tulips. As far as the eye can see. 
Who weeds all these plants?
I think they should name an official tulip color, Hammie Red.
Another bench, but not as comfy to sit on.
This bench looks comfy.   I might sit here for a while, I wonder if anyone is going to bring me Hot Chocolate?

The multi color tulips are my favorite.

 This is what I imagine Jerry's garden is like.  Does Ben do the weeding in Jerry's garden?


  1. WOW! this was near your house Little Fox?

  2. Kind of, about an hour away. Well worth the drive.

  3. Beautiful!! I thought those sorts of scenes were only available in Holland.

  4. Wow! This garden is way better than our garden. Yes, Ben does help with the weeding in our very little garden. We thought your photos were actually from Holland, since there were so many beautiful Tulips...and we expected to see Hammie in there somewhere too!

    1. A trip to Holland and a chance to meet Hammie, that would be beary cool.

  5. Wow, what beautiful tulips! They do look like they belong on a postcard from Holland.

  6. This is very beautiful! I wish Person would take me but she is too busy for any fun lately.