Sunday, July 12, 2015

Carbondale Art Walk

Now as my regular readers might know I have a keen knack for adventuring, traveling, and hiking.  On my latest adventure I decided to take some of the public art around Carbondale, Colorado (my home base for the trip).

Do you see me to the right?

Just hanging around. 
Here I am, in the middle. 


Bought time I got a proper rest. 

Bike bells?

Some sort of guitar

Not part of the art walk but it's a perfect fit for a fox. 

The color is perfect. 

I doubt I will get lost in this labyrinth . 


  1. Did you see anything that looked like bacon?

  2. I think the bacon sculpture was out for cleaning. Probably too much drool.

  3. Neat pictures... it was kind of like Where's Waldo. You blend into some of those orange things really well!

    1. I do blend in well, perhaps my roommates will take this as a sign to buy a newer camera.