Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wildflowers and Mountains - oh my

I could not help but think of Jerry and Ben when we explored the Crested Butte area of Colorado.  According to their own literature, it has one of the best wildflower displays around.  Let's go and see.
They say it's important to stop and sniff the roses or in this case the wildflowers.  I am not sure which one I like better, the red or purple ones?

There are fields and fields of wildflowers right now and we were even there for the "peak" time.  I could only imagine.  Now, I must say these pictures are missing something.....what could it be?
Ah, that's better.  A picture of a fox makes the flowers sparkle, don't you think?

Back to Aspen.  After a quick Hot Chocolate (thank goodness they have a Starbucks here) I am ready to explore. 

 Waiting in life I met this friendly animal.  I wonder if he knows Carrots?
 Gondola's are one of my favorite ways to travel.  This one was pretty comfy, big seats, nice clear windows, great view etc.

At the top of the mountains in Aspen I came across this little shelter.  I think it would be a great place for the stuffy convention.  Nice views, good hiking, lots of food, wild flowers, and a free art museum for a certain mouse in England.

The mountains were pretty amazing.
 Looks like a storm is brewing.  Time to get back to the safety of the gondola.
The storm wasn't as bad as I thought so we decided on one more trip to a different part of Aspen.  Maroon Bells, the most photographed mountains in Colorado. 
I bet the water is a tad cold. 

Good picture, hey where' the fox?
The trail wasn't too bad, although after a day of adventuring this fox was getting tired.

Even though I was losing energy there was always time for a quick photo. The mountains are amazing. 

This is an interesting sign.  Good think Sequoia stayed at home.  
We did see a moose or two on the trail.  They weren't too interested in us, more interested in eating. 


  1. Oh! Elsie is very excited that you met a rabbit on your travels! Hopefully it was able to get some kind of carrot juice drink. I prefer chocolate but Elsie says that bunnies really like carrots!

    1. I am with you Julie, Chocolate over Carrots any day.

  2. Beautiful photos! We sure wish we could have been there with you? Jerry wants to know: did you see any beeszzz on your hike??

    1. Lots of beezzz Jerry would have been excited.

  3. Great photos Little Fox. You do add a certain pizazz to them with your burnt orange colouring. I like the locale of the future stuffie convention!

    1. Thanks. I tried to make a reservation for the stuffie convention but could not find anyone to help me out.

  4. great photos! I especially like the 3rd picture. Is Sequoia taking good care of the house while you are away?

  5. Yep, he's holding down the fort