Thursday, July 9, 2015

Roooooooooooooooooad Tripppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Hello Blog Friends,
It’s been a while since I have posted (been too busy supervising) but all work and no play is not good for a fox.  As summer is rolling around it’s best I give some free advice to help everyone have a safe road trip.

Before any road trip it’s always best to examine the maps to be sure you know where you are going.
This area looks awful desolate.  I wonder if the scenery will improve the further east we head?

Be sure to bring lots of snacks.  I see we are “light” in the snack department. I think I better stop and get something to eat.  Hmm, this place looks right up my alley.
What?  There is an exit off the freeway with the choice of Honeyville OR Bear River?  Which option should I take?  If Jerry and Ben were traveling with me I bet they would choose HoneyVille. 
After lots of driving we made it to our first tourist stop.  Hmm, this looks like a place Sandy might partake in for a back-alley-deal.  I wonder if we are going to get some back alley chicken or some back alley ice cream?
No back alley deals for me (best leave those to Sandy).  But next to the warehouse there was a pretty cool sculpture garden (note, we’re in Salt Lake City, Utah and it’s HOT).

Even though it’s pretty hot the flowers look good.

I like this birdhouse too. 

Time to head back on the road.  We have lots of miles to cover.


  1. Cool!!! But you didn't stop to do any family tree research?? I am curious to know where you are going... is it the Grand Canyon?? Colorado?? Curious bears are dying of curiosity!

  2. I didn't do any family tree research this time. My roommate stopped by a couple of years ago (pre blog) and did some research but it only turned up stuff he already knew. My family tree is a little sketchy, I guess that is what happens when you are related to Drunk Fox.

  3. There's always one in every family...

    1. So true, is that a diagnosis from Dogter Freud?

    2. Not really a diagnosis...more of a life observation :)

  4. Droopy is absolutely correct... there is always some skeleton the closet or some black sheep in the flock. Or a drunk fox in the pack!

  5. I want to move to Honeyville... why didn't you go there? it sounds like a wonderful place