Saturday, July 11, 2015

Welcome to Colorado

Through my expert navigation and supervision (hmmm, maybe I should send a bill?) we successfully made it to Colorado. 

It's HOT....but I hear that if you drive up to the Continental Divide it's much cooler.  Let's go!
I am having a tough time adjusting to the altitude.

We made it to Independence Pass (should have gone here on the 4th, oh well).  The mountains are amazing and there were even a few snow melt lakes.  The only thing that would have made it better is a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on site.  

After exploring Independence Pass it was time to head to an old mining ghost town, called…..drum roll please….Independence.  It was a pretty hopping city many years ago until a bad snowstorm hit the town, residents had to dismantle the buildings and use the wood as skis to ski down to Aspen. 

Do you think they sell ice cream at this store?

Hmm, not bad construction considering it's at 10,900 feet and it's about 130 years old.  
Ahh, a new day.
Back on the road.  The mountains ahead of me are the San Juans.  I have learned a few things about Colorado.  1) Lot’s of great scenery.  2) Lot’s of road construction going on as well.
Our first stop was Ouray, Colorado.  A former mining town now settled in the mountains and thriving on the tourist trade.  When Ouray was in it’s heyday they built lots of Victorian homes and buildings.  
I wonder if they have a Starbucks in town?
 Besides sightseeing and shopping Ouray is the self proclaimed off road adventuring capital of the world.  There were lots of cool vehicles you could rent.  I would have taken this one if it were orange. 
Please.....can we go please.......
This restaurant looks like a good place to stop for lunch.
Wait, that's the name of the restaurant....not what they serve right?
Driving into and out of Ouray was beautiful.  You passed many mountain passes.  Hmm, I wonder why they called this one Black Bear Pass?
A few more stops along the way, an old west gun fight in a parking lot and finally made it to our motel for the night.  This is our room, the Eagle’s Nest.  There was also a room called the Bear’s Den but it must have been rented before we arrived.
Does anyone know where I am at?  That’s right, Mesa Verde National Park.

You can't seriously expect me to climb up this ladder by myself?

Mesa Verde was pretty cool.  So many ruins.  The ancient people who built these ruins were great masons…..I wonder what they charged per hour?

According to the rangers many of these rooms were used for corn storage.  I wonder if any rooms stored berries, chocolate, or salmon?
After leaving Mesa Verde we made a quick stop in Telluride and I got to ride up the mountain in a tram.  If you haven’t traveled by tram it’s definitely the way to go, especially since this one was free.



  1. Beautiful photos! We wonder if you would have gotten a discount at that Fox restaurant...

    1. I wondered the same thing, I am a little worried that what is posted on the sign is what they serve, so I might pass on that place (you know for safety sake).

  2. So cool! Thanks for the great tour of Colorado! We've heard of Telluride... it all sounds bear exciting.

    1. Colorado would be perfect for you Sandy. Lot's of hikes, lots of mountains, and lots of adventures. I think its time you began planning your Colorado adventure.

  3. Once again, you are a very photogenic fox, LF. I agree with Jerry and Ben...maybe that restaurant is in need of a mascot?...

    1. Good point. My roommates think I need a run through the washing machine but since you think I look photogenic I think I will use that as evidence not to go through the washing machine. Thanks Droopy.