Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mr. Fox goes to Salem, part II

As my recent blog readers might remember I have decided to go to the state capital to meet with the Governor to discuss stuffy rights.  A short recap of the talking points I will be presenting to the Governor are:  

1) Hot chocolate and cookies three times a week in the Summer, five times a week in the Winter.  I think this should also be adjusted regionally; for example two bears living in the Midwest might need more hot chocolate than someone living in California.   

2) Proper and timely payment of all construction invoices  

3) Adventures and blogs at least twice a week (Sandy)   

4) Community service for humans and stuffies   

5) Lower taxes and free honey and salmon for all (Ajdin)  

6) Favorite foods based on the stuffies needs and wants at any given moment at least three times per week (Sandy)  

7) A wardrobe that changes with the season and style (Sandy)  

8) One international trip per year 

My roommate gladly drove me to Salem for my meeting with the Governor. My roommate kept mentioning something about making an appointment to see the Governor but I was too excited about my meeting to pay much attention to him. Look, we're close.  


Getting closer.  The statue on top is called "Oregon Pioneer" aka "Gold Man" and is 22 foot hollow statue.  Thank you fifth grade civics class for that information....Wow they really take care of the grounds around here.  Jerry would love the flowers and the gardening.  Maybe, I will arrange a meeting with the gardening staff so Jerry and them can bounce ideas off of each other.  The capital is close to the Amtrak station so it would be beary convenient for Jerry to catch a train west. 

There are 4 entrances to the capital.  I think I will go into this one being that there is a Salmon (I think so at least) on this side.  This is the third Oregon Capitol building.  The first two caught on fire (probably why they built this one out of stone).   



Alright, let's get down to business.  I have my list of talking points now I should try and find the Governor's office.  Looks like she's on the second floor.  

I found the office and talked to the secretary. They mentioned that usually the Governor doesn't see stuffies without appointments but she suggested I take a seat and if there was time the governor would see me.   

This bench looks comfy.  

Hmm, I have been waiting a long time.  I think I will lie down so when I have my meeting I will be fully refreshed.  

I should have brought a pillow.


Hours later the friendly secretary came out with a tray of cookies in the shape of the State of Oregon (I need to get those cookie cutters) and a nice warm mug of coffee.  She said that the Governor didn't have any time today but I might want to bring my points to the House of Representatives or the Senate since they are in session.   

After essentially getting kicked out of the Governor's office waiting room I decided to explore the capital area and collect my thoughts.  These fuschia plants are beary nice and colorful.   

They have a great fountain outside too. 

I think I am going to just grab a seat and think about plan "B".  

After a couple of hours plan "B" came to me.  It's happy hour, I bet I can find some representatives or senators relaxing after a long day of work at the local watering hole.   

On a side note they have these cool statues all around town directing visitors to the tourist sites.  Hmm, there is no directions on this one for the local watering hole.  I guess I will have to use my excellent tracking abilities to find it on my own.  

I think I found it!  Looks like they show movies and serve drinks and it's close to the Capitol.  I bet this is where EVERYONE hangs out after work.  

Looks like they have a special today too!
I put my best paw forward and went inside to the bar. It was empty!  Where are my representatives?  Where's the senate?  Phoey!  Who is going to stick up for stuffy rights?

Well, it looks like Salem got the best of me today.  But I'll be back!

My roommate, feeling sorry for me, decided to take me to Dairy Queen for a treat.  I think I will have a strawberry sundae and plan my next lobbying visit. 






  1. It was a beary good effort Little Fox. Political change for stuffies won't come easy, we must fight for stuffie rights!

    1. Thanks Ajdin, I will continue fighting for stuffie rights.

  2. Keep up the good work Little Fox! Persistence will pay off. Mind you, have you checked that you are registered as a voter, politicians usually pay more attention to voting constituents. ...***puzzled look*** Wait a minute... do we even have the vote yet???

    1. I don't think we have the vote yet. I better put that one next times agenda. I am much more cut out for adventuring than politicking.