Saturday, April 8, 2017

Welcome to Utah!

Hello Blog Pals ~
Welcome to Utah where Life is Elevated!
After a smooth flight from my hometown to Salt Lake City my roommates put me in a car and we headed to south central Utah.
Our first destination, after lunch that is, was Goblins Valley State Park.  This parks claim to fame is the huge amount of hoodoos rock formations all concentrated in one place.
I should have brought a color scarf or my sombrero to stand out among these fox colored rocks. 
Little Fox on red rocks (Ok, hoodoos to be more exact but it doesn't rhyme).
Lots of places for a fox to hide. 

Time to move on, looks like the rain is coming. 
After a good nights sleep and a big meal including homemade bread this little fox is ready to explore.
Time to explore Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah. Our first stop is at a park of the park called Islands in the sky.  A flat top mesa where you can enjoy many panoramic views.  There is no concession services in the park.  Don't worry Jerry and Ben I brought snacks,  lunch, and a lot of water.
It's a long way down. 
Lots of little caves and arches for a stuffy to hide in. 
There are mountains behind me, can you see them? 


  1. Beautiful photos! We're beary glad you brought snacks, and especially water--it looks hot there!

    1. Thanks guys. Yes, lots of rice krispie treats and snack crackers. NOt beary healthy but it's vacation so it's OK. Right Jerry?

  2. Fox on the Rocks...sounds like a cocktail. Perhaps Drunk Fox would be willing to create a beverage by this name? On second thought, that would be enabling his habit...never mind!

    1. Drunk Fox would LOVE to create a drink called "Fox on the Rocks", Luckily, we keep the liquor locked up when he is around so there is less of a temptation.

  3. Wow!! I shoulda stayed for an extra couple of months! Gorgeous photos. Fox on the Rox... I like it... Or maybe Roxy Foxy?

  4. amazing photos! you kind of blend in color-wise also