Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Arches National Park Visit

We left our readers off with me catching up with the stuffies that lived in and around Moab, Utah. I wanted to get some insider tips on where to go.  Unanimously, all the stuffies said go to Arches National Park, so that's where I am headed. 
The Utah state license plate has a famous arch on it called Delicate Arch. 

I am hoping to find it today.
Is this the famous arch on the Utah State License Plate?  Nope, this is a non-named arch.  Perhaps I could name it Little Fox's Arch. 
What about this one? 
This isn't Delicate Arch but it's called Double Arch. I have a feeling I am closer to finding the famous arch. 
They call this one Turret Arch. 
A quick rest on the trail. 
Do you see it?  It's I, Little Fox at Delicate Arch.  Yipee! I made it. Now what?
My stuffie friends gave me some more suggestions on where to go. 
I need to find some places called Corona Arch and Castle Valley. 
PS- Happy Easter Blog Pals. 


  1. Great photos! Did you see any Golden Arches while you were there? :)

  2. Thanks - we did see Golden Arches - they seem to be everywhere.

  3. Were fries and apple pies available at those Golden Arches?? Jerry is beary curious.

    1. I hope so but we didn't visit, however my roommates did treat me to a Frosty at Wendy's.

  4. Yes, Little Fox Arch!
    Or how about Honey Formation?