Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day two: Moab Utah

Hello Blog Pals ~
It's me, Little Fox, back on vacation (or holiday for my Canadian and English stuffy friends).
I convinced my roommates to take me back to Canyonlands National Park.  Today, we left the flat top mesa area to go to the Needles District.

The Needles District was less populated but I am looking at the Islands in the Sky district about 60 miles away.

Ooh, there is a hike nearby.  Let's go!
It's more of a climb then a hike but I am doing great.
The desert flowers were somewhat in bloom.  I did see that the Indian Paintbrush is blooming.  
Ouch!  This looks spiky.

One thing the Needles area is known for is the petroglyphs made by the Anasazi Indians about 4000 years ago. I am still studying archeology at the University but I have to admit my classes have focused more on secret meetings with operatives and treasure hunting versus trying to figure out what ancient people were saying.  However, I best explore.
This petroglyph looks important. I wish I brought my archaeology books. 
 This petroglyph was called newspaper rock. 

Time to head back to Moab after a long day of exploring. When I got home I found a group of stuffies waiting to welcome me to their clan. I hope they have some good travel suggestions. 


  1. Such nice photos. We feel sure that there is a great Little Fox mystery there to be solved...perhaps some buried tinys of precious jars of honey, or the ruins of a great Stuffie civilization...

  2. wow that is amazing. Did you etch any petroglyphs of yourself or other bears in the rock?

    1. No, but that would be really cool. THere was a place called Bears Ears I wanted to see but snow got in our way.

  3. Cool! You'd win any Hide & Seek games in that canyon, paws down. Such great camouflage for you.