Sunday, April 2, 2017

Let's Go!

In 2013 the Portland Airport announced it was going to replace it's carpet and social media went crazy.  The carpet has been in circulation since 1987 and when announcements were made that a new carpet was to be installed in 2015 enterprising business people started selling items made with the old carpet.  Hats, socks, sections of the carpet, t-shirts with the carpet design, you name it they probably made it.  Now that the new carpet has been in use for about two years people in Portland often take pictures of their feet against the new carpet before they go on a trip.  Here is my contribution to this art form. 
Now let's get down to business.  This fox is off on vacation.  Of course I will need identification.  Check. 
A big cup of hot chocoalte teh fortify me through the flight.  Check. 
A spot in my traveling backpack (versus my hiking backpack).  Check.  

Now friends, where am I off too? 
On a side note if you are interested in the carpet and it's history check out this article. 
If you want to buy something made from the old carpet or based on the design (yes, they sell actual pieces of the old carpet too - I saw it on etsy for $28.00) check out this link


  1. Carpet selfie? Interesting! I wonder where you're going...Have a good trip!

  2. Have fun! Elsie and I have been to that airport before they changed the carpet. Too bad we didn't take a selfie! Airports are exciting places for Stuffies. Have a fun trip!

  3. Where are you going?? The suspense is terrible--time for a snack to help us forget about the suspense.

  4. Ummm... that is not a Starbucks hot chocolate, is it? Are you on a shoe-string budget for this trip?

    1. Yep. There was also no line at this coffee stand - big bonus.

  5. P.S. That is quite the PDX Carpet shopping site... At least it keeps the stuff out of landfills.