Friday, April 21, 2017

Castle Valley, Corona Arch, and Petroglyphs. Oh my, I am a busy fox.

I wanted to see the famous Corona Arch but my roommates told me that we were going to Castle Valley, then to look at some petroglyphs and if time, take a hike to Corona Arch. I didn't like the "if time" comment and I am  a little worried.

 Before we left Arches National Park we had to stop at a place called Balanced Rock. I hope it doesn't fall.
Next stop was lunch then to a place called Castle Valley.  Many famous movies were filmed in this area:
Thelma and Louise
Lone Ranger 2013
And my personal favorite, MacGyver.  
This area of Castle Valley is called the Priest and the Nuns. Hmm, not a great picture of the rocks (but a smashing one of me if you ask). 
Do you see it now?
Ah, here is a better (i.e. professional photograph) of the formation. 
Off to Corona Arch. 
Hiking in the desert is different than hiking in the Northwest.  The trails down here aren't as easily marked but they do have cairns (trail markers) to follow. 
Some humans went overboard on marking the trail here. 
Ok got it.  Enough cairns already. 
I found it!  Coronoa Arch.  Excellent.
Wow, that arch is big.  I hope to get closer.
I have crossed the arch and I am on the other side.  My gosh it's a big arch.
Utah was great. I hope to go back and maybe lead a tour with Stuffie Tours. 


  1. My human saw Bslancing Rock, petroglyphs, and the Arches on a trip through Utah in 2008. It was a fun trip! Have a safe trip home.

  2. Thanks - maybe your human can take you there soon.

  3. We really think that you need a cowboy hat for these photos, accompanied by some great old-style cowboy movie music!

  4. Stuffie Tours is always looking for new tour guides! You should definitely apply ;)

    Great photos on this trip!

  5. Oooh... I agree with Ajdin!! I would sign up for a Stuffie Tour of Utah... and the Grand Canyon... and Craters of the Moon... and Yellowstone and...