Sunday, November 23, 2014

A wet hike

It has been a long, long, long time since I have gone for a hike.  Everyone tells me dogs love to hike….well then why haven’t WE gone on a hike?  Today was different, my roommates got the small backpack out of storage for a short hike.  That’s OK with me.

We are off to the Pittock Mansion today.  Of course you can drive up there but why not hike there in the rain, that’s what we did.  Sequoia came along, it was a good introduction to hiking for him.  
 The rain was pretty intense during the hike.  In fact we saw lighting and heard thunder just a second afterward.  I drove through Jerry and Ben’s home state during the Summer years ago and experienced some intense thunder, lightning, and hail storms (in July!!!!).  The lightning and thunder were pretty close together but we only heard one strike.  My sekrebearies kept hiking. 
My Sekrebeary dropped me in the mud.  Look at my fur.  I made a mental note to deduct their salary this week (and next week out of spite). 

Once we made it up to the mansion we did not go in.  My roommates said it was because there was a special members only party and that Sequoia being all wet would probably not be allowed.  The mansion was decorated for the holidays.  I got a few pictures taken outside.

This would be a great place for the stuffy convention.  Jerry, you would love the gardens in the Summer.

Usually, the mansion grounds has a nice view of the city.  Yes, you can see the city…..if you look beary hard you might see it.  Why are there no pictures of Sequoia?  Well, sitting still is not his “thing” right now.  My roommates say give it time….we’ll see.

We got back home safely and everyone was cold.  Time to fire up the tea kettle and make some warm drinks.  I will take a hot chocolate with whipped cream please.


  1. Aw, poor Little Fox. Did you get a nice warm bath at least after your hike to clean up that mud? I wouldn't be beary happy myself if that happened to me.

  2. No bath for me, they just placed me on the couch next to Drunk Fox to "air dry". Although I am still pretty muddy (dry at least) so I think I might go in the washing machine this weekend.

  3. That is the danger with hiking during the rainy season. I have been dipped in tidal pools a few times and thought I would have salt stains on my jeans but... luckily not. Maybe an action shot of Sequoia?