Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mail Call

I was relaxing around the house with my friend Little Bear.  He was telling me the secret recipe for Starbucks Hot Chocolate when we got interrupted by the letter carrier.

It seems that a few items came to me, Little Fox.

Cool, a post card from Ajdin.  Looks like he had some time to send post cards from his trip to Iowa.  I haven't been to Iowa but it looks beary pretty.   A quick google search of Iowa shows lot of beary fun things to do, they have a botanical garden, lots of state parks to visit, and some living history museums.  I have always wanted to see North Dakota and revisit South Dakota, maybe I can combine a trip to Iowa on that future road trip as well??????

The letter carrier also dropped off a package from a certain group of Midwestern Bears.  It was the reward from Jerry and Ben.  Look at this amazing Halloween Card from Jerry and Ben.

Isn't it interesting how all of your friends come out when treats from Jerry and Ben arrive in the mail.  We look forward to trying all of the treats, thanks guys.  


  1. Little Bear knows the secret recipe for Starbucks hot chocolate???!!! Can you send him up here for a visit?? Great haul from Jerry and Ben - and it's funny how all your pals are bigger than you - they are going to expect a bigger share of the treats. I must say - Drunk fox and Moose look very chic with their gold necklaces.

  2. Hmm, I never figured out if he knew the recipe because the letter carrier came right when he was starting to tell me about it.

    Moose and Drunk Fox seem to enjoy wearing gold necklaces, I think it's because Little Bear has so many cool clothes they are a little jealous.

  3. Secret Starbucks hot chocolate recipe? Sounds like a new case for Sherlock Sandy! Glad you got your treats! Thanks for entering our contest!

    1. I agree, maybe when he learns the secret he will share it will all of his stuffy friends.

      Thank you for having the contest, it was lots of fun. I enjoyed the pumpkins and the costumes. Did you see Julie Jane Zebra's pumpkin and costumes?