Saturday, November 1, 2014

Seattle; days two and three

What a great way to start off the morning, my roommates took me to Starbucks!  I went for a hot breakfast sandwich and some coffee.

After Starbucks we did a downtown Seattle walking tour.  The book from the library is from ancient times (1999) but the walk was still interesting and I learned a lot about downtown Seattle.

We went into a real fancy hotel, the Fairmont Seattle.  They have lots of Fairmonts in Canada.  The Fairmont Lake Louise, Banff (that's the one that looks like a castle) and the Fairmont Jasper.  We don't stay in the Fairmonts but I like to visit them.  The Fairmont Olympic is beary nice.  They were setting up for a wedding while we were there.  My roommates looked at the prices for lunch and it was beary expensive. 
Here I am exploring the outside of the Fairmont,  Beary interesting. 

After the tour I got to ride the monorail.  Monorail to the Seattle Center.  Home of the 1962 World's Fair.  My roommate went to Expo 86 in Vancouver BC, it was beary cool.  I hope they have a World's Fair in San Francisco or Denver  maybe all of us Stuffies could meet there?

While at the Seattle Center we ate lunch.  Fish and Chips were on the menu for us.  Beary good.  Next stop was the Experience Music Project Museum.  We saw all sorts of guitars and instruments.  They had a special exhibit on Fantasy Characters as well.

Hmm, this animal looks like a fox.  Wait, trickster?  That doesn't seem like me, oh wait it must be me.  Everyone knows Foxes bring gifts when visiting friends. 

Of course no trip would be complete without a visit to the Space Needle.  It's beary expensive to travel up to the top so we declined.  It was hard to get a picture of the needle and me, but I think we did it.

Back to the hotel because it was starting to rain (it is Seattle in the fall you know).  The hotel had a rooftop deck.  My roommates and I explored it and if you look beary closely you can see the Space Needle from the hotel. 

Ahhh, another day.  Mmmm Starbucks again for breakfast, I am so lucky.  Today we explored the international district.  I love looking in the shops and learning about the food from other cultures.  We had Dim Sum for lunch, beary good.  I am still learning to use chop sticks but I hope to master them soon.

Our final activity was to visit the remodeled Amtrak station.  Argg, my roommates fingers are in the end of the video.  Good help is beary hard to find now-a-days.

Anyway, in the 1960s they covered all the fancy decorations with drop ceilings.  Then in the 2000s or so they remodeled the station, got rid of the drop ceilings and it's beary pretty.  There was an Amtrak train leaving for Spokane, West Glacier, Havre, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I was beary excited, hoping my roommates were going to take me on a surprise trip to see Jerry and Ben (traveling by train seems to be an appropriate way to visit Jerry and Ben since they like trains so much).  Apparently, that was not the case, maybe next time.


  1. We think you should go on strike and demand a train trip to see us! hehe

    1. I agree 100% with you. Train seems like the best way for a little fox to travel. Traveling by car doesn't really give me the space I need to enjoy a trip.

  2. Hmmm... that Trickster fox kind of looks like Count Foxula... maybe you should research your family tree and see who all is lurking in the corners! Great trip to Seattle - you saw a lot of cool things. Too bad the Space Needle was so expensive. The CN Tower in Toronto looks kind of similar had part of it has a glass floor... so I've been told. That would make for interesting photographs!

  3. Looking beary photogenic as usual, Little Fox! The camera loves your face.. more movies please!