Monday, January 23, 2017

A special garden consultant

Four days of snow on the ground does not fare well for a Little Fox.  My garden is probably taking a beating.  **Sigh** I have been delaying this for a while, I best go out and explore. The Mint plant looks like it could use some attention.  Why am I wearing my sombrero you might ask?  Well, certain roommates have "misplaced" my winter scarf collection so my sombrero is the only winter gear I can find right now. 
The Winter pansie is struggling
.I don't even know what this plant is.  The little chalkboard sign isn't really helping.

A dog to the rescue.  Look who Sequoia found, it's Sandy!  I can't believe it, Sandy is in my garden, dressed for the weather, and ready to help.  
Little Fox: Sandy, what do you think I should do with the mint plant?
Sandy: Let's wait and see what happens.  Mint is a pretty strong plant, just be thankful you didn't plant it in the ground.
Sandy: Little Fox, this Jalepeno pepper is gone.  You must let it go.

Little Fox: Sandy, thanks for the garden advice.  Let's explore a little, eh?
Sandy: Do I need snowshoes?  Cross country skis? Bobsled?  I didn't know you got this much snow. 

Little Fox: Yes, Sandy we did get a lot of snow but that won't stop us from exploring.
Now that we are safely inside, relaxing on the sofa it's time to start catching up, planning our adventures and get some hot chocolate to fortify our systems. 


  1. Sandy! We knew it! We didn't know Sandy was available for gardening consultation...that's a great idea!

  2. Oh yes. he is a great consultant. I hope he teaches me how to cook salmon.

  3. The sombrero is suitable for winter wear! Welcome Sandy!