Thursday, January 19, 2017

Drunk Fox's Birthday

Can you believe it, another year has passed by. Drunk Fox's birthday is coming up and I want to make sure I get him a good gift.  Obviously, a trip to the Liquor store is out of the question.  What do you buy the fox that has everything?  Chicken of course.
I should probably enlist Reindeer as a helper in the kitchen as he is one who can do the heavy lifting. 
After giving the chicken a good rinse it's time to season the bird.  Since I am making Greek chicken probably should use some oregano.  Do you think there is enough Oregano in this jar?
Salt and pepper are always good spices to have on hand. 
Reindeer suggested that garlic and lemon would go well together.
Fox can't live on chicken alone and Reindeer suggested quartering up some potatoes and putting them in the bottom of the roaster as the chicken cooks. Good idea Reindeer. 
While the chicken is cooking it's best to have a snack.   Has anyone ever had this brand of granola from Trader Joe's? It's pecan maple granola and the granola is addictive.
The chicken came out great.  It was very tasty and Drunk Fox really enjoyed it.  Reindeer's vegetables were tasty as well.  Now, you are probably thinking "Where is the picture of the finished chicken Little Fox?" well I got a later start and it wasn't done till everyone was really hungry and we decided to scarf it down instead of posing patiently for the blog.  The chicken won out this time.

Happy Birthday Drunk Fox.


  1. Jerry: "Um,, ahem.... what about the cake? What kind of cake was there? Did everyone get a big slice??"

    1. No cake (I know scandalous). I bet I can find some ice cream, cookies and brownies - would that suffice?

  2. Happy birthday DF. Maybe next year you can make him a chicken pot pie?

    1. That's a great idea. I am going to find a recipe right now!

  3. I love anything from Trader Joe's.. so beary delicious food!