Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cooking for a special guest.

There will be a special guest arriving soon at our house.  Once Canadian Geese Airlines flight 2343 arrives safely our special guest will be here.  Now, as anyone knows who flies Canadian Geese Airlines it's a low budget carrier where one needs to bring their own snacks and flights that should only take hours take weeks.  Just how it is when you fly CGA so I figured I better make some snacks for our guest since he might be hungry.

I hope  my guest likes "homemade" brownies. I have a big bowl, a nice box of mix from Trader Joe's and a preheated oven.  Let's go!
Any good brownie recipe starts with a stick of butter.  Since I want to impress my guest I am using first quality butter, I hope that is acceptable to him.
I got the batter mixed and put in the pan evenly.  Time to find a roommate so they can put it in the oven and get this cooking. 
Ahhh, now the hardest part. I must wait till the brownies cool so I can test them to make sure they are acceptable for my guest. I hope that he is hungry from his flight?


  1. A special guest on Canadian Goose Airlines? We think we know who it is! How exciting!!!

    1. Oh my, no comments from Jerry about wanting to taste the brownies? Is Jerry sick?

  2. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I wonder who the guest could be...