Thursday, January 5, 2017

The last hike of the year.

Hello Blog Pals - I can't believe it's 2017! I hope everyone had a fun new years eve with lots of cookies, treats, and spending time with friends.

Before the end of the year my roommates took Sequoia and I snowshoeing.   We got lots of snow on Mt. Hood and it looks like we might even have cold weather this week (highs in the 30s).  now, that's probably hot for Jerry and Ben but for me and my crew in Oregon it's a tad cold.
I must admit I look very dapper in this photo.  
After some hiking I needed a rest.  The good thing about fur is that you can just plop down in the snow and still be warm.  I wish I brought some hot chocolate, or warm tea, or coffee. Sequoia wanted to get in the picture as well. 
Mt. Hood decided to show itself today.  Nice view. 

Which was should we go?
Sequoia usually doesn't pose for pictures but he was in the mood to sit for a few minutes.  

Finally, some time for me to play in the snow. I think I might try to make a snowfox.  
It was good to finish out the year with nice weather and a good hike.  Now, what adventures are in store for me in 2017?


  1. Great first photo! That's your Christmas card for next year! Sequoia sure looks like he's having fun in all that snow!

    1. Thanks, I might use that picture actually. Sequoia enjoys playing in the snow, especially since he is a dog originally from Mexico. Any perspective on that from the dog point view Droopy?