Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A winter adventure

Brrr, today's weather is in the low 30s and it's cold for a little fox.......Now.......I know it's not as cold as Jerry and Ben's winter home (9 degrees F in their winter town) but it's cold for me.  Last night it started snowing and it didn't stop till this morning.  The backyard got some snow, let's see what the rest of the area looks like.  Time for an adventure.
Now, I am a fox on an exploration.  The streets look OK. 
Proof that we got a lot of snow last night.  My roommate stuck a ruler in the snow and it was 7 inches!
Yes, lots of snow but not too much snow to climb this tree.  I should have brought my scarf. 
Even though the snow is out it looks like this tree has a berry on it. I wonder how tasty a berry in January tastes?
My destination was the park.  There were lots of trees down and the park looked really cool. 

One last stop on my way home. 
One of my winter friend, Penguin, wanted to go outside.  Penguin is certainly dressed for the weather.
Any good adventure needs to conclude with snacks.  Let's see, I have a steaming cup of coffee, a couple of cookies and a nice brownie.  Yes, this should suffice. 


  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow! It looks so pretty when it first falls and it's completely undisturbed...that is, until you have to shovel it! :)

    1. Ugh, shoveling snow. That's a job for a human, not an animal.

  2. Beautiful photos, "Yeah" adds Jerry, "especially of that plate of kookies and hot chokolate!"

    1. I thought Jerry might like the cookies, brownie and hot chocolate photo.

    2. Jerry spent at least 10 minutes studying ever aspect of the photo--rest assured, he didn't lick the computer screen...but he thought about it