Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mail Call

It's been a busy week for a little fox.  I have been in the snow, keeping my roommates working hard, and making sure the house is running smoothly. Recently, I have received some mail.
This card must be for me, it's addressed to me and there are stickers of foxes on the front and back.
Sweet, a birthday card with my hero, Officer Nick from Zootopia.
This is a big card. 
Let's see who it's from:  Allright, Jerry and Ben.  Thanks guys!
Speaking of Jerry and Ben I think this next package is from them as well. I can always tell their tell tale "signature"  
Awesome!  It's my certificate from winning the Halloween contest (thanks Sandy for helping me enter). 
There are lots of prizes here:  A notepad to write my thoughts down (hmm, buy more chicken).  Mints and coasters for Hot Chocolate. In fact I got two coasters so I should have two mugs of Hot Chocolate. 
I also got some maple candy and a bear pin (just like Beanie).  Thank you Jerry and Ben.
Did I mention it's been cold lately?  I wish I had something to take my mind off of all the cold.  In the mail I got these cool postcards.  The one on the left if from Ajdin and the one on the right is from Ajdin as well.  Apparently, I got two postcards - aren't I a lucky fox.

Update:  Sandy was kind enough to send me a cool card as well.  I love how the fox (at least I think it's a fox) is inspecting the little mouse and how brave the mouse is.  Great painting. 

Thank you everyone for the mail and prizes.  I appreciate it sincerely.
Little Fox


  1. Glad everything arrived! Sorry that the Halloween prizes took so long; some "human" put the wrong zip code on the package, then it took the post office 2 months to return it to us...beary frustrating. Best to let a stuffy handle such things!

    1. No problem about the package - anytime is a good time to get mail.