Saturday, November 16, 2013

A brisk fall walk

This morning the weather was pretty good so we decided to take a walk around the city.

So many walks to choose from we all had to share our two cents. I wanted The one through the Hollywood district but lost out on a vote. Everyone else wanted to go somewhere else. 

Off to SE Portland.  Lots of leaves still on the ground (and the ground was wet for a little fox) and even a few roses left on the rose bushes. 

Lots of cool old houses along the way. This one looks like something we would see in California, not Oregon. "Quick, take my picture before anyone comes out to shoo us away". 
Time to hit the local grocery store and get some coffee to warm up. Saw 
This neat rain collection statue thing in front of the store and begged them to take my picture. 
Now that my brisk fall city hike is over, i think i will relax with some warm hot chocolate. 


  1. That looks like wonderful walk! Even better with the after-walk-hot-chocolate!

  2. Those houses look very grand! It's a good thing you got some hot chocolate at the end of it, cause it also looks like it was a wet walk.

  3. @Jerry and Ben. Hot chocolate always makes the hike.
    @ Sandy. It was a cool house (luckily we didn't get yelled at by the owner for taking a picture). Fortunately my walking partners let me ride in their jacket for a section of the walk.

  4. And if there are some little cookies to go along with the hot chocolate, it's even better!

  5. Mmm that hot chocolate looks good. Did you add marshmallows?