Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hike in forest park

Hello Friends,
Thanks for checking.  Today we had a change of plans because the weather was so good.  Originally we thought we would go Christmas shopping but changed our minds this morning for a hike in Forest Park. This was from someones front wall, wasn't it nice for them to build me a seat?

The leaves were orange just like me.  I was very happy not to get wet, little foxes don't do well in the rain.


  1. Sometimes you have to change your plans to take advantage of the good weather! Most of us stuffies don't do well in the rain. For the longest time I was terrified that I would shrink if I got wet! Now I just know that my fur gets funny... Have you visited the blogs of some of my other pals? There are a couple of little bears in the Mid West who are good bloggers...

  2. Hi Sandy,

    You are right, I don't do well in the rain (in fact, I don't like it when my owner puts me in the washing machine). Luckily, the backpack I get carried around in has some interior space since the rain is always a concern in Oregon.

    I have seen the blog of jerry and ben. Actually, I was a little late in entering my pictures for the pumpkin carving and costume contest (congratulations on winning the costume contest and coming in second on the pumpkin carving). They seem very like very active animals. I also follow beanie mouse and hammie hamster.

  3. You certainly are having nicer weather than we are! We got snow in South Dakota today, it is pretty, but it seems too early for snow...the leaves aren't even off the trees yet! Luckily, we're all stocked up on honey for the winter.

    1. It does seem early for snow (even in South Dakota). Glad to hear you are stocked up on honey for the winter, it could be a long winter w/o honey.

    2. And lots of hot chocolate too, that's essential in a cold climate. Are you getting ready for winter too?

  4. Hello Lickle Fox!!!!! (Waves madly at computer screen.....)

  5. Hi Beanie,
    I hope you had a good time with Sullivan McPig a few days ago. Looks like you two had a lot of fun together.