Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nice sunny day

It has been sunny all week. I encouraged my owners to take me on a nice fall walk. 

It was a steep hike but lots of places for a little fox to rest. 
Someone was nice enough to build stairs to make it an easier hike.  I wish the stairs were more my sized. 

Made it to the top.  I think I better snuggle into my jacket for a while since my owners rolled their eyes when I asked them to bring a thermos of hot chocolate along. 

I decided to explore while my friends ate lunch. Here is a fence I climbed.  Hmmmm, I think I am looking north to Canada.  If I wave I wonder if Sandy can see me?  "Hello Sandy!"
It's back down for us. It sure feels like Summer but it still looks like Winter at some parts. 
Thankfully my friends drove so I could sleep in the car. It's nice they drive but they never let me try it, I wonder how I can convince them I would be a good motorist?


  1. Beautiful photos little Fox! We hope to get one or two more hikes in before the weather gets too cold. Oh, can you leave your mailing address and birthday in a note to us?

  2. Wonderful photos! It's always a good idea to take advantage of sunny West Coast weather in the winter... you never know when it will change.

  3. @ Jerry and Ben: Glad you like the pics.
    @ Ajdin: It was a great view and warm!
    @Sandy: You are right about the weather being beary tempermental - it can change on a dime.

  4. Do you hear any of those Canadian tourists flying over your housing on their way south? They fly in a V formation and do a lot of honking. The sometimes land across the street from us in a big corn field and munch on some of the leftover corn. We sometimes run outside and shout "Do you know Sandy?" but they don't usually reply. We'll ask next time if they flew over your house on the way past our house.

  5. I bet the are the same tourists! We have a high school near us and they are always hanging out in the fields during early fall and spring. I think they really like music, those tourists always seem to be outside when the band is practicing. I want my roommates to take me to home depot so i can get them some food, they (the tourists, not my owners) only seem to want to eat worms!

    1. Oh, some food and water would be nice for them. If you see a note tied to one of their legs, it's either from Sandy or from us.

    2. I didn't know they transferred messages, that's so nice of them. I wonder if they can transport some of my Christmas gifts?