Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving preparations.

As you animals from the USA know Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I decided I wanted to help out with the preparations. I wanted to clean the oven. I did a great job. When I tried to put the door up and close the oven the door didn't go up.

 Yikes!!!! We have turkey to cook tomorrow and no working oven. I called a repair company, they are sending a person out tonight. I told my roommates I would take another look and try to fix it on my own.
No luck, I will have to wait for the repair company. 

Look at all this chopping I have to do.  Where should I start?
Hmmm not sure what to do. I will work on the onions first. They don't make anything my sized. I tried handling the knife, it's really big and took me a long time to cut all those onions. 
Next is the bread. I figured I would use an electric knife to help me out. 
It is too powerful for me. I know, I will ask my friend Drunk Fox (he is in rehab and been sober for 4 years) to help me out. He is much bigger than me but his arms are small, it might be tough to hold the knife. 
"Drunk Fox, can you come and help me."  "Sure Little Fox, I am on it. By the way, what happened to the oven?"  

See he looks similar to me, just bigger and a little drunk looking (although he is completely sober). He is a puzzle master, spends most of his time in a cafe drinking coffee and working on crossword puzzles. Once he got done with the electric knife he went back to working on his puzzles.  Since the cafe is  closed today for Thanksgiving preparations he had to work on the puzzles at home.

   Man, I hope the repairman comes soon......


  1. Oh boy... a broken oven door is not a good thing just before Thanksgiving!!! Although it could be worse... you could have the turkey in the oven, half cooked and then... if the door stopped working... well... you'd be in trouble! Keeping my paws crossed that the repairman got there in time and your oven door is working... Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Good point Sandy. You are right, it would have been really bad if the door broke mid cooking.....I don't get this whole cooking thing, I think we should be hiking today instead. Good luck with the book.

  2. They sure did. I think thats why aunt and uncle asked me to help. It's ok because I got to eat first as a result of cutting the onions.