Thursday, November 7, 2013

National men cook dinner night.

Today is national men make dinner day so i thought i would help out with dinner.  
Hmmm, what should I make? These cookbooks never really have anything geared toward the foxes pallet.  Should I go with the super quick salmon stir fry or the skillet chicken pot pie? 

I decided to reheat some rice we made a while back. Step 1). Boil water. Step 2). Put rice in water. Step 3). Bask in my owners affection for making them dinner tonight.  I wonder if they want dessert?


  1. That rice looks beary yummy! We like wild rice too, esp. wild rice soup.

    1. Wild rice soup seems beary yummy, especailly on a cold night.

  2. Rice can be super yummy and healthy too! Although a touch of salmon can never hurt either...

  3. Yum, rice and salmon, perfect for a little bear (or maybe even a little fox!).