Sunday, November 10, 2013

Waterfall day hike.

This was a great Fall weekend.  I adventured off to Silver Falls park for a long hike.  My owners took me to see the different waterfalls and the historical area.  The park was built during the depression and the lodge is pretty old.  I think the lodge was built by the CCC, I wonder what other projects they have built?  Maybe that's a good research project for a little fox like me.
Along the trail there were a ton of mushrooms.  We didn't eat any because we didn't know which ones were OK and which ones would make us sick.  We figured it was better to play it safe than be sorry.
Next stop was the waterfalls.  Here I am enjoying the sights at South Falls, the biggest/longest one we saw this weekend. I was pretty tired in this picture, I am definately not demonstrating good fox posture.

The next stop was behind SouthFalls, boy it was wet.  My fur  was drenched, but it was worth it.

After lots of hiking we stopped at North Falls (not very creative in the naming huh?).  This was big too but definately the LOUDEST of the waterfalls.  I tried to sneak over the fence, I got almost all the way to the top but my hiking friends stopped me.  Even though they stopped me, I still got a great view of the falls.

The hike was good the only rain I felt was under the waterfall, which was probably my fault. I enjoyed spending the rest of my day on the couch planning my next adventure.


  1. Beautiful waterfall! We love long hikes too, especially in the fall. Did you get some hot chocolate after your hike?

  2. Wow, that's pretty there!! We don't have any waterfalls here....

  3. Beautiful waterfalls!! You're a very adventurous fox!

  4. @Jerry and Ben - mmmmmm.....huckleberry hot chocolate, actually.

    @beanie mouse - we're lucky to have lots of waterfalls nearby.

    @sandy - thanks! But i can't keep up with you!