Sunday, November 17, 2013

My friend Little Bear

I wanted to take some time to introduce everyone to some of my friends. This is Little Bear, he is interested in all things coffee.  I think he might be a distant relative to Sandy, Jerry, and Ben.  Little Bear has some ideas of where the other bears are...
Hmm, Sandy you asked a  beary interesting question. I asked my friend little bear (he lives with us, and now that I think about it he might even be a distant relative of yours) for some help. I thought I would post a picture of us on my blog so you could see the resemblance. 

He was reluctant to speak at first but eventually after bribing him with some brownies he gave me some ideas to share of where the bears might be.... 

Here is what he said:

There are a lot of little bears working in the back of an international coffee house that shall not be named.  Little bear said that there are about five bears working in the back of each coffee house moving boxes, making drinks, and making sure us animal customers are taken care of.  He says that the animals have their own room with amenities that the regular customers don't get.  He wouldn't elaborate. I did the math - with 20,000 stores and a couple of bears working in the back that equals almost 100,000 bears.

2.   Little bear said that there is a secret lab near Seattle, home of the same coffee store where        there is a team of little bears developing new coffee drinks in the lab.  Since it's a secret lab I wonder if the bears are sneaking around late at night? I hope they make something  with huckleberries soon. 

3. Also, there is a bear hall, a social club for stuffed animals, in most cities where the bears are hanging out.  It's a place to get away from their owners and relax with other stuffies.  I've been going to the bear hall with little bear for years, and most social activities there happen after midnight, so maybe they are catching up on sleep during the day?  I know bears like to sleep.  Foxes seem a little more resilient.....

4. Of course you might want to take a road trip to sleuth around in Big Bear Ca, Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan (maybe Jerry and Ben can check that out for you), or Black Bear, Idaho to find the answers you are looking for.

Wishing you good luck in solving the mystery. 
Little Fox


  1. There is certainly some truth in that story. There are lots of bear names for towns in the U.S. We're not sure there is a bear club where we live; we're only very little bears and there might be an age requirement to get in, hehe. Besides, not that winter is coming, we feel more tired and we sleep more than usual.

  2. Oh, and hello to Little Bear! He is definitely a cousin of ours and Sandy!